Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be Mine.

Happy Early Valentine's Day!  I know I'm posting early...but I know I won't do it at all if I don't do it now!  :)

We have been just trucking along with little miss Ruby!  She is getting more and more of a personality of her own!  She loves to be around and play with anyone she knows...but I think she might be a bit shy!  She is definitely taking after Brian in that area!

Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well I'm back! 

I've realized that keeping up with this is much much harder than I ever thought.
It's been over 2 months since I've posted anything!  I will try to get back to being better about this because I really do love to look back at everything...but who am I kidding...  I'll be sure to put the good stuff up though!

Here are some things that Ruby is up to right now!

sleeping through the night...most of the time

laughs at our funny faces

loves playing in her music playgym

still cries everytime anyone else is eating

laughs at her own toots

teething...but no teeth yet

favorite toy is a her triangle teether

KICKS like crazy

reaches for things and has great hand-eye coordination

knows her name

loves just staying home with mom and dad

hates rice cereal


has a mommy and daddy that love her to pieces

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Sorry we haven't posted in ages...
Here's what's going on around our house!

I went back to work two weeks ago and it was and still is so hard to leave my little one every day!  However, I do feel like I am using my brain a bit more now since I've been back to work!...of course I would give up brain usage if I could stay at home with Ruby!  Things seem to be working out great though with Grammy Evelyn watching her!  I think they both enjoy it!  :)

Ruby is finally on a consistant sleeping schedule and it is fabulous!  She is going to bed now around 8 or 9 and sleeping until 5 or 6!  AMAZING!  I almost forgot how awesome it was to get that much sleep! 

In the past few weeks Ruby has really become more socially interactive.  She is talking to us all the time and sometime we can't even get her to stop enough to talk to her back!  It is probably the cutest thing in the world... my little bitty newborn is nowhere in sight! 

We just had to show everyone how much of a beautiful little girl I have become!  :) 

 Grammy Evelyn finished my quilt and embroidered all of my birth goodies on it for me!  I love it and it is beautiful just like my aweome bedding and curtains Mamaw Sho made!  :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lots it's been a minute since I've posted anything, and a lot has been going on around here! 

Last Tuesday I took Ruby to the Dr. for a checkup and she got two shots!!!  She wasn't very happy at all, but I did get her calmed down pretty quickly.  She is a tough one!  Dr. Andy thinks she is doing perfectly and just told us to keep doing what we are doing.  Relief!  The most exciting part of the day though was....get ready for it....Ruby rolled over for the first time at 9 weeks old!  Dr. Andy had her on her stomach looking at her birthmark on the back of her head, and she rolled right over!  It was pretty awesome to see her do that even though I thought it was a fluke!  However, she has done it again several times since!  I have a superbaby on my hands!

Brian and I decided that we wanted to go to Purdue's homecoming the past Saturday, so my Mom and Dad offered to take Ruby for a night while I tried to re-live my college years.  Our little tailgating crew even was able to stay up and hang out after the tailgate...which is VERY abnormal since we usually get up and start at 8 my parents offered to keep her one more night so we could hang out longer!  yeah...they are awesome!  We had so much fun with everyone in West Lafayette...but two days is pushing it for being away from my little one!

Ruby and I hung out with my parents on Sunday with Blake, Ash, and Brody and I have to say that even though Brody still doesn't want anything to do with Ruby...he did try to say "baby Ruby" once.  Progress.  :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend Without!

This weekend Brian's sister was in from Cleveland with her little girls and we had a great time hanging out with them!  They were so grown up from the last time that we saw them and were so sweet towards Ruby! Ruby also got to spend the night at Grandma Evelyn's with her cousins for the first night away from us!  We were OK...but definitely worried a little bit!  Of course she was perfectly fine and I think was pretty easy-going for everyone!  Success!  Here are a few fun pics from her stay!

We also had a quick trip to Anderson Orchard this weekend!  It was so crowded and really really hot, but we got some great mums and apples...and of course a sweet picture with Ruby!

We saw Ashley and Brody for a quick minute too!  He was still pretty hesitant, but definitely warming up to her!  We snapped a quick pick with both of them before he started pushing her away!

Brian and I also went to a diaper and keg party for our good friends Eric and Holly Scott!  She is due in a month...but probably earlier! :)  It was nice to get out and have a good time while Ruby was safe and sound!  Of course we missed her like crazy, but it was refreshing!

That about sums it up!  Here is one for the road! :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nashville Trip

Last weekend my mom and I took Ruby on a trip to Nashville to visit my Uncle Rhett and we had a fabulous time!  Rhett played a quick little gig at a cafe in Kingston Springs where he lives on Friday night and Ruby had fun at her first show!  Saturday we had a jewelry booth at the art fair they had in Kingston Springs and it was fabulous!  The weather was beautiful and we had so many people liking our jewelry and our display.  We even won BEST BOOTH! 

Ruby is officially 8 weeks old today!  It is crazy how fast my time with her is going...I have less than 4 weeks left at home with her!  She is getting so so so big and is really beginning to react to people when she sees them and loves to play and smile in the morning!  She still is the sweetest little peanut...but definitely lets you know what she wants!  I like that about her!  :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Ruby and I had a great day at my parent's house hanging out with my Mom and Dad, Blake, Ash, and Brody!  Dad and Blake spent the day working on the calves we still have for sale before we took pictures of them later on in the day for the website.  Ruby even got to help take pictures while riding along in the Moby!  We ended up taking over 300 pictures!  Hopefully there are ones that are good enough for Blake's standards!  :)  Check out the website here!

After seeing Brody yesterday and today...I think he is getting used to having Ruby around and is warming up to her a little bit more!  Pretty soon they will be best buds for sure and I can't believe that this time next year Ruby will be just like Brody is now!  It is so exciting and scary to realize how much she is going to be changing and growing in just a little over a year! 

No pictures today...I'll upload lots tomorrow hopefully!